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Why NotepadLive

  • Store Notes

    A simple notepad

    It's an online notepad to store your text notes online

  • Android App

  • Share between devices


    You can share a note using a simple URL for each note.

    Public Sharing
    You can share unprotected.

    Protected Sharing
    Also protected with a password.

  • Access from Web

    Web access available

    You can access directly from the web.

Simple Notepad

Simple & Quick Notes

Simply type or paste your text into the field "Write a new note" and click on the button "Add New Note".

You can add URLs into your note.

Share Notes - Public

Sharing without protection

With 2 licks, you will get an URL for your note.

You can share the URL to your friend. Browse the URL to view the note using any modern browser.

Share Notes - Protected

Protected sharing

With 3 clicks, you will get an URL, along with a password.

Once someone browse the URL, it will ask for the password to display the note.

Access from various devices

You can add, edit, delete your notes from various devices. Like: Mobile phone, Laptop and others...

(a) Through android app

(b) Through Website

Access from anywhere

As it has a web interface available, you can access your notes from anywhere, from any device with through web browser.

Remember !

You must be online to access your notes. And you need to login to access.

Download app from Google play store

You can use the android app, available on play store:

Download app from Amazon app store

Also available on amazon app store:

Access Through Website

From a non-android device, you can access directly from the website.

Online Notepad

The best Online Notepad android app with share functionality. Notes are saved on the cloud. So, you don't need to backup if you change your phone. It's easy to share between devices, and easy to access from any device real-time.

What Can You Do With This Online notebook

  • Wordpad online: you can take notes saved to your account. Its and online notepad with password protected account.
  • Online word: Once create you account, you will get a blank sheet of paper, or a blank page. It's a simple notepad online to write notes online. It's a free notepad, with ad banners of the sponsors.
  • Anywhere: Add text from anywhere to this free online notepad.
  • Online notepad share: It has private share facility. NOT social share. Just share between devices. Don't worry it's a private notepad.
  • Any device: Login and access notes anywhere, from any device, through online. You can use notebook app or you can access through web browser.
  • Share note: Share a particular note is easy. Just click on Share, then enable. Now you can read the note from another device using the provided URL on any web browser, without login to your account.
  • Wordpad online: you can add and access your text notes
  • Android App: You can download the NotepadLive note taking app from google play store.
  • Browser access: To use through internet browser, just go to
  • Secure notepad: The online account based system get you the facility to make your notes always secure.
  • Backup free notepad: No more note backup hassle during phone replace.

Start your notes taking with NotepadLive:

Access to the online memo for your
desktop notes

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Download your android notepad app for your
android notes.

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Then you are free to access your notes anywhere.

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